Animated promotional videos

Interested in produce animated promotional videos?

The best way to attract your potential client’s attention.


Why order an animated promotional video?

Thanks to its publication on social networks and other media…

  • With the animation you attract in a special way the attention of your public and you stand out.
  • In consecuence, your incomes increase considerably.
  • You can explain in a fast and clear way how your service or product works.
  • Your brand becomes more popular in the social networks, having more presence.
  • The information is transmited better by audiovisual means than by text and fixed images.



What kind of promotional animation can I order?

  • Whiteboard animation.
  • “HOW TO” explanation of services and products.
  • Cartoon videos, with or without story.
  • Animated typography.

… or that specific video that is in your mind.



How the animation is made?

The creation of your animated promo video goes through the main stages of a high level animation production. According to your needs your budget is totally adjusted and personalised.

Thanks to the digital production system the process is faster and therefore cheaper, obtaining a high quality result.

You will be in direct contact with the artist and your review and approval will be asked in some key stages.

THE CHARACTERS ARE UNIQUE: they are created totally from scratch and NOT using templates of “automatic” animation software.


For more information about the creation process and budgets, contact here



And… if I have a part of the work already done?

You can hire services for only specific stages too, as:

  • Script
  • Characters, backgrounds and props design
  • Cleaned line and colour study
  • Storyboard
  • Animatic
  • Digitalization of ready-to-animate characters
  • Digital animation
  • Music and Sound effects addition
  • Editing




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