Commissioned caricatures

I need an original gift. I want to commission a caricature!

What kind of commissioned caricatures can I obtain?

  • Black line
  • Greyscale
  • Full color
  • Special

More options:

  • Only chest or whole body
  • With background or without background
  • Individual, couple or group caricatures
  • Customization according to a theme: hobbies, jobs, sports, etc.

Include the text you want totally FOR FREE


What are the characteristics of the printing?

The caricature is delivered digitally in high resolution (300 ppp.), ready to be printed in DIN-A3 format if no other format is specificated.


Ask for any doubt or any advice, I will help you to get the best possible printing quality.


How can I commission my caricature?

  • Step 1 – Specifications and advance: Send to the necessary photos and specify all the details for your caricature, as well as the text, date, dedication, etc. you want to include. The more the better! Pay a certain percentage of the amount as a guarantee of payment.
  • Step 2 – Preview: Receive a watermarked preview to be sure of seeing what you are paying for and do the necessary suggestions and changes.
  • Step 3 – Final payment and delivery: Pay the rest of the amount and receive the final caricature in your email, ready to print.


You always will see the work BEFORE the payment.


 How is the ideal photo?

Ideal photo

The best photo is in wich people are smiling in a natural way with the head slightly turned, in a three quarter position.

If you only have front or profile photos, consult how the caricature would look without compromise.


Some ideas?

  • Caricatures for homages
  • Caricatures for stag parties
  • Caricatures for birthday gifts
  • Caricature of the whole family
  • Caricatures for Christmas and Three Kings gifts
  • Caricature as a present for groom and bride
  • Caricatures for Valentine’s day (couple caricatures, etc.)
  • Caricatures as Mother’s and Father’s day presents
  • T-shirt caricatures (carnival, private parties, festivals, etc.)