Caricaturists for events

I want to surprise my guests, I need to hire caricaturists for events!


With this service you are hiring TWO IN ONE:

  1. Animation during the event: All the guests enjoy and get lots of fun seeing and commenting how the caricatures are drawn in real time.
  2. Personal gift: The guests take an unforgettable memory back home with them.

How the caricatures are drawn?

The objective of the caricatures is to reflect the person in an amusing way but never offensive. The goal is the guests have fun as much as possible.

The caricatures can be done in a place specifically prepared to that, with easel, or standing drawing between the attendees, all the material is provided by the artists.


Our wide experience allows us to adapt ourselves to any kind of event.

Contact and get information about the possibilities


How much time I should hire?

Different options are offered according to the number of guests and the economic possibilities.

Some examples:
  • Basic package: Minimum caricaturist assistance (1 hour) + thank you cards for all.
  • Standard package: Several hours assistance to caricature the most of the guests.
  • Premium package: Assistance until end of event.
A minimum of 10 caricatures by hour is guaranteed by each caricaturist.

Just contact and I will be pleased of give you advise WITHOUT COMPROMISE.


How many more details I can enjoy?

On one corner of each caricature, a souvenir gift is included TOTALLY FOR FREE: Groom and bride caricature or other hosts, company logotype or organizing brand, contact information, thank you text, etc.

Consult the possibility of include thank you cards in the package.


“…My event doesn’t seem to adjust to this activity”

Our professionalism and experience guarantee an ARTISTIC AND ELEGANT TOUCH in any kind of event.

Press conference caricature

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